From retail to restaurants, hotels to housing, Lampton Commons provides the perfect location and resources needed to grow your business. Explore our interactive map below to find out how Lampton Commons can be the perfect fit for your company.



The economic success in Hopkinsville, Kentucky has created a community with the buying power and disposable income that has allowed its residents to enjoy a higher quality of life.


At the heart of this thriving city lies the Lampton Commons neighborhood. With its central location and high-traffic exposure (35,500 DTC), it has become the prime site for new family style, casual, ethnic, quick service and other styles of restaurants



Hopkinsville prides itself on it business-friendly environment and willingness of local government to make all aspects of the building process as easy as possible. With tax incentive financing (TIF) available, building your new location at Lampton Commons  will cut startup costs and give your business the premium address it deserves. For more info on development opportunities call us at (619) 992-1627 or e-mail lamptondevelopment@gmail.com.



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